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At Hilti we have created an environment in which anyone who wants to continuously learn, challenge and be challenged, thrives. Here you can have an incredibly varied career, where you can create your own opportunity, where we set no limits to what you can achieve.


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Engineering and Product Development
Civil Engineering
At Hilti, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some very inspiring people, each with a story to tell. I feel I’m not just an employee here, but part of a strong group of people with a common goal and drive. I really appreciate the integrity and enthusiasm of everyone at Hilti.

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Field Engineer
Firestop Specialist

Profile summary

I joined Hilti as a firestop specialist in the engineering department, central Italy. The role was totally new to me, while the territory was also unfamiliar.

After a steep learning curve at the start, I quickly felt more confident in my abilities and gained lots of soft skills along the way. Skills like organization and flexibility that are useful in everything you do, work or play.

In my few years at Hilti, I’ve seen new engineering resources being created all the time, as the focus on innovation becomes more and more important to the company.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work in so many different places, teams and roles. I don’t know of another company that would offer you such a diverse experience in such a short space of time.

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Engineering and Product Development
Entry Level


Engineering and Product Development
Entry Level