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At Hilti we have created an environment in which anyone who wants to continuously learn, challenge and be challenged, thrives. Here you can have an incredibly varied career, where you can create your own opportunity, where we set no limits to what you can achieve.


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Engineering and Product Development
Mechanical Engineering
One of the best things about working for Hilti is that they employ the right people for the job irrespective of who or what they are. I appreciate this from an employer, as the trust that Hilti show me gives me confidence in my abilities.

Career history at Hilti

Director Technical Services
Plano, TX, USA
Head of Engineering Northern Europe
Manchester, UK
Engineering Manager
North England
Technical Marketing Manager - Northern Europe
Manchester, UK
Building Services Engineer
North England
Project Engineer
North West England
Support Engineer
Manchester, UK
Customer Services Rep
Manchester, UK

Profile summary

My interest in engineering started early on. I like to know how things work, which often means breaking them down to see their component parts before building them back up and functioning. If along the way, you find another solution, even better!

After leaving university, I worked my 'Saturday’ job at a local supermarket while looking for a role in engineering. An opportunity came up in Hilti customer service, which ticked two boxes for me: ‘must have a sound technical understanding and enjoy working with customers’.

After a year in customer service, I moved into Hilti’s engineering team, where every day is different and the work is demanding and inspiring in equal measure. I’ve worked on so many different projects, from designing lighting brackets in a TV studio and raised flooring in a theatre to checking air handling unit designs on an airport rooftop and defining anchors for stadium seating at the Commonwealth Games. What’s really exciting is to be there supporting customers from design through to installation. 

In the engineering leadership roles I have undertaken I have had the opportunity to define the vision and approach of Hilti’s engineering teams in alignment with the bigger company strategy. Ensuring that sales and engineering are fully aligned and able to provide maximum support to all of our customers.  

At Hilti, we’re an incredibly diverse group of people, where the mix of cultures and backgrounds allows for some fantastic discussions and opportunities to learn from each other every day. At the same time, I’m dealing with customers, whether in their office or on their construction site, where I have the opportunity to develop myself while supporting others - an extremely satisfying experience.


Engineering and Product Development
Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Being a global organization active in 120 countries, with an integrated value chain from R&D all the way to sales and marketing, Hilti offers endless opportunities to unleash your potential.

Career history at Hilti

Member of the Executive Board
Schaan, Liechtenstein
Executive Vice President Supply Chain Management
Member of the Executive Management Team
Schaan, Liechtenstein
Senior Vice President Corporate Engineering
Member of the Corporate Management Group
Schaan, Liechtenstein

Profile summary

While at university, I had the opportunity to get to know Hilti through two project assignments. I was immediately impressed by the competence, work attitude and high ambition of their people. At a later date, I accepted an offer to join the company, which I haven’t regretted for one single moment. What still motivates me today is Hilti’s respectful and supportive team-play, matched with their drive to be in constant pole position.
Throughout my time at Hilti, I’ve always had leaders who believed in me, saw my potential and entrusted me with ever bigger assignments, starting from head of corporate engineering all the way to executive board. I didn’t plan my career that way, but focused on the tasks given at any time. Holding myself accountable, delivering my commitments and treating my team members with honesty, respect and empathy have been key ingredients for success. In my current role, I see it as a privilege and responsibility to give back what I’ve experienced myself, and to be a good example of the unique Hilti leadership culture.